Install the first panel 4” from the eave edge and the second panel 4” above the first panel. Stair-step diagonally across the roof as you install the thatch panels, maintaining an exposure of 8”. Then, at the hips, cut one panel in half and bend it to conform to the hip while allowing two hip courses to one field course. Once in place, fasten each panel with at least three 1 ¾” ring shank roofing nails along the raised angular tabs of the panel binder.

Please see our Viro Thatch Reed Subroof Installation Guide for more information.

What is the recommended sub-roof covering for this installation?

Different geographical regions require different grades of waterproofing. Consult with a local contractor who will know the building requirements in your area for the installation of your Viro thatch reed sub-roof.

Will water drain off the roof using Viro Thatch Reed Subroof?

Yes, water will flow freely off the roof. Air will flow naturally through the Viro thatch reed roof as well, reducing the potential for mold.

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Viro Thatch Reed – Subroof

Viro Thatch Reed — Subroof panels add an extra touch of tropical flair to your indoor or outdoor structure or building. These weather-proof subroof panels are easy to install and maintenance-free for years to come. Each reed thatch panel is UV-protected and comes in various shades of browns, greens, and tans.


  • High-density polyurethane binder that remains flexible.
  • Panels are 30” wide and 18” long and able to cover 1.7 square feet.
  • ASTM E108 Class A fire retardant options are available.
  • Optional chlorine protection is available to prevent discoloration.
  • Optimal for interior and exterior applications.

For more information, please refer to the following documents:
CSI Spec Sheet – VIro Thatch Reed – Subroof
Viro Thatch Reed Subroof Panel Specification Sheet
Viro Thatch Reed Subroof Starter Panel Specification Sheet
Thatch Reed Subroof Eave Panel Specification Sheet


  • A synthetic reed thatch roof resists decay and pests.
  • Made from high-density polyethylene that is 100% recyclable.
  • UV-stabilized.
  • 20-year limited warranty.

Additional Benefits

  • A long life cycle reduces the per-year cost of your projects.
  • Recyclability helps the environment and can contribute to LEED points.
  • Sun resistance keeps your facility looking new.
  • A product you can trust.

Synthetic Thatch Reed – Subroof is an ideal thatch roofing material for outdoor environments. Our artificial thatch reeds are made from high-density polyethylene. These synthetic thatch panels emulate authentic African Reed Thatch.  They are 100% maintenance-free and recyclable. Each Thatch Reed panel comes with up to a 20-year warranty. Our Synthetic Thatch Reed meets the vast majority of building code requirements. They are easy to attach to any roof structure and will add a tropical feel that will withstand the test of time.