When using synthetic bamboo to cover a metal pole, cut bamboo to the required length and slide it over the pole. If the sleeve rattles, make a small hole in the node and inject expanding foam into the cavity.

If installing on a beam, cut the synthetic bamboo pole lengthwise and heat it in the sun or use hot water. Open the synthetic bamboo and stretch it around the beam.

Can I use a synthetic bamboo pole for a feature in the middle of the pool?

Yes, you can, but you need to notify us first that the bamboo needs to be chlorine-resistant. When the factory is making the product, they will add the additive at the time of production. The standard off-the-shelf synthetic bamboo does not include this feature. There is an additional fee for a chlorine-resistant treatment.

I am looking to use this Bamboo in a high-traffic area in our restaurant. Will the color be okay? I worry about scratch marks being visible.

The color is extruded throughout the bamboo. Therefore, if the bamboo is scratched or dinged it is unnoticeable.

Synthetic Bamboo Poles

ALSO CALLED: Artficial Bamboo Poles | Fake Bamboo Poles

Our high-quality Synthetic Bamboo Poles can be used for a variety of markets including theme parks, hotels, restaurants, zoos and more. They offer a natural-looking alternative to solid bamboo. Our Synthetic Bamboo Poles are UV-resistant making them perfect for outdoor applications. They should not be used for support structures.


  • Synthetic bamboo poles are sold in lengths ranging from 116′ – 112″
  • Diameters currently available are approximately 0.63” ID – 0.88” OD, 1.63” ID – 1.94” OD, 2.63” ID – 2.88” OD
  • Tan, green or custom colors are available.
  • Extruded HDPE.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.

Product Specs Download – Synthetic Bamboo Poles


  • The Synthetic Bamboo Poles are versatile, sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Color is throughout the bamboo poles so scratches will not show as white marks.
  • Synthetic bamboo poles are the perfect application for outdoor and indoors.
  • Natural coloring also adds to that authenticity.

Additional Features:

  • Synthetic bamboo does not require any additional coatings for outdoor use. The color is throughout the thickness of the product.
  • Hollow center allows for wires, pipes or cords to be hidden in the synthetic bamboo poles.
  • 10-year warranty for outdoor applications—unlimited warranty for indoor.

synthetic bamboo vs faux bamboo comparison

Synthetic bamboo poles are interchangeable with natural bamboo poles.  Because the color is through the bamboo, they are ideal for high-traffic areas so you don’t have to worry about scratches.