• It is recommended to purchase the nets and borders separately.
  • Not only is this a cheaper option, but it also allows for a better and easier fit between posts.
  • A thicker rope, for example 1 ¼”, is typically used as the top border or handrail, whereas a ¾” rope is better suited for the bottom border.
  • Install the top and bottom rails first and secure to posts, then lash nets to rails using small diameter twine.

Will Polyester nets eventually rot outdoors?

The net may weather, but it will not rot because it is a synthetic material.

Additional Polyester Netting Information:

Polyester nets are least affected by water thereby minimizing elongation when compared with nylon netting. The combination rope core flexes easily retains its shape and resists UV degradation. This colorfast polyester net is lighter and will not be affected by acids or other chemical components, including chlorine.

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Polyester Nets

ALSO CALLED: Polyester Mesh Netting | Knotted Polyester Netting

Polyester netting is a general-purpose netting material that can retain its shape in both wet and dry environments, and is a great way to form natural unobtrusive barriers for various commercial, design and theming requirements.


  • Polyester Machine Nets are made in standard heights of 36″ 42 and 48″
  • This product is sold by square foot. Generally sold as 2″ or 3″ mesh in various diameter rope.
  • Polyester hand-woven nets are sold by the square foot in various diameter ropes.
  • Net borders are ordered separately.


  • UV Protected.
  • Class A Fire Retarded.
  • Specifically dyed to a natural sand color.
  • Does not stretch like a natural rope.

Our commercial polyester netting products have been used in theme parks, water parks, resorts, zoos and so many other commercial applications.  They are versatile, durable and meet Federal safety requirements.