Pre-drill a hole in the node—the thickest part of the bamboo strip—and screw it onto your structure. Wood putty mixed with a bit of bamboo sawdust works well to hide the screw. The wood strips are secured using a pneumatic nail gun.

Do the Slats come in other lengths?

We offer an industry standard of six feet in length.

Can I stain the slats?

Yes. Use a standard wood stain on your bamboo strip. We have found that applying Jacobean-colored stain to our mahogany bamboo slats creates a rich walnut color.

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Bamboo Slats

ALSO CALLED: Bamboo Trim | Bamboo Strips | Flat Bamboo Molding

Bamboo Molding Slats are the perfect finish for your next tropical-themed commercial project. This eco-friendly material is available in natural honey or caramelized to a Mocha. Bamboo Slats are cut from large diameter bamboo poles and sanded flat on the back. This allows our bamboo strips to be easily installed by drilling through the node of the bamboo slat.


  • Available in natural honey or caramelized to a Mocha.
  • Size is 1.75” wide and 6’ long.

Download our PDF Spec Sheet
Insert for Division 06 Finish Carpentry/Millwork specification


  • The pieces of bamboo slat provide you with extra design possibilities. Such as finishing off cabinets or wainscotting.
  • The ease of installation saves you time and money.

Additional Bamboo Slats Benefits:

  • Our Bamboo Moldings are flattened on one side for easy installation.
  • Note that all dimensions provided are approximate.

. Bamboo Slats make excellent trim pieces for a decorative bamboo finish. The front of the bamboo wood has the pronounced nodes’ great natural coloring and texture. Bamboo is an excellent addition to furniture molding. If you bind it together, you can use it as covered ceilings, wall coverings, bamboo fencing, load-bearing beams, and more.

Hotels and Restaurants find this an inexpensive bamboo material to theme hostess stands or lobby desks.

Slats made from natural bamboo will have a longer lifespan if used indoors.