Amber bamboo boards can be installed with a pneumatic stapler or a contact adhesive. To cover any seams, consider using one of amaZulu’s various trimming options, such as polyester rope or bamboo slats.

Can I clean the bamboo skin boards?

We suggest using a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the bamboo skin boards.

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Bamboo Skin Board

ALSO CALLED: Bamboo Skin Panels | Bamboo Woven Panels | Bamboo Wall Panels

Bamboo Skin Board, made from the exterior layer of a bamboo pole, is cut into half-inch strips that are pressed together in a distinctive zig-zag fashion. Although the same color shades, no two boards are the same, as each is unique to the bamboo’s natural coloring. These bamboo skin boards can be used as bamboo wall panels or ceiling panels.


  • Available in a 4’ x 8’ sheet that is 2 to 3mm thick.
  • Color varies between tan, green and beige.
  • Optional fire retardant treatment available.


  • Each bamboo skin board is unique while remaining similar in color.
  • Colors vary between the natural earth tones of bamboo skin.
  • Remains rigid, unlike traditional wallpaper.