We recommend installing our Rustic Bamboo Fencing panels to a secure post with a galvanized screw. You can do so in front of or behind the post. The fence posts should be 4’ to 8’ apart and rustic bamboo fencing panels should sit 3” off the ground.

Can Rustic Bamboo Fencing touch the ground when installed?

No. Raise the fencing above the ground. If the bamboo touches the ground, it will absorb water and eventually rot.

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Rustic Bamboo Fencing

ALSO CALLED: Bamboo Pickets | Solid Bamboo Poles Fencing

Made from random-height bamboo pickets that are just under four inches apart, our Rustic Bamboo Fencing offers a great tropical look to many indoor or outdoor areas.


  • Treated from 1” to 2” solid bamboo poles.
  • A 3/8” galvanized rod that is 8’ in length is covered by a 1/2” polyester rope.
  • Spacing between pickets is designed around the 4” sphere code.
  • Available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ heights lengths that are all 8’ widths.
  • Custom sizes are made to order.
  • Ideal for residential or commercial applications as 4” spacing and galvanized rods meet standard code requirements.


  • Flexible panels can follow curved paths or tight corners.
  • Cut bamboo poles at the node to prevent stagnant water that could cause rotting.
  • The decorative rope that covers metal rods is synthetic, adding longevity to the panel.

Additional Benefits:

  • Our fencing’s flexibility gives you maximum design possibilities.
  • Proper installation and the panel’s design ensure a long lifespan. This saves you money over the lifetime of your installation.
  • The panel’s drastic aesthetic superiority to other options, like chain link, provides a soothing and authentic environment for your end users.

Natural rustic bamboo fencing is ideal for organizing crowd control, outlining perimeters and cladding walls on most substrates. Many water parks like to use bamboo fencing to make a bamboo trellis. It’s easy to create a trellis by adhereing individual bamboo fence posts.