amaZulu Reed Ceiling Boards are best installed by pre-drilling then screwing the boards into the structure.

What is the best way to cover the seams where two Reed Ceiling Boards meet?

We suggest covering any seams with natural eucalyptus poles, solid bamboo poles or bamboo slats.

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Reed Ceiling Board

ALSO CALLED: Bamboo Ceiling Panels | Bamboo Ceiling Boards | Reed Wall Panels

Contrived from single reeds placed side-by-side, our Reed Ceiling Boards are glued onto a masonite board and used for enhancing ceilings and walls alike. Originally created to simulate the underside of a traditional thatched roof, these bamboo ceiling panels are now often used to add atmosphere to tropical or African settings.


  • Available in a 4’ high by 8’ wide sheet, that are 4mm thick. Reeds run down the 4’ length.
  • Color varies between shades of tan, green and beige with hints of dark brown mottling.
  • Optional fire retardant treatment available.


  • Disguises sub-roofs that do not have the traditional 12” thatch reed panels installed.
  • Bamboo ceiling boards can be color-washed to make for a textured ceiling finish.

Additional Reed Ceiling Board Features:

  • You get the solidity of a sub-roof with the attractiveness of a natural ceiling.
  • The ability of color washing gives you extra design flexibility and applications.