We recommend installing your Mexican rain cape on a 30 degree pitch. The higher the pitch, the longer the thatch will last.

Place your first Mexican rain cape on the roof with an overhang that you like. Using a pneumatic stapler, secure the sheet to your structure. Allow the second piece to overlap the first by 3” to 4”, ensuring that the overhang fringe line is even with the first sheet. Continue this process, working the whole way around the structure.

Start your second layer of thatch and have this layer cover approximately 6” to 8” of the first layer. Continue around the structure, overlapping each side-by-side piece by 3” to 4” as you did with the first layer.

Repeat the above steps until you have completely covered your structure with the Mexican rain cape.

If my cape is a little long, can I cut it to size but still have the fringe at the end?

Absolutely! You can cut to size as long as you cut only the strands between the knots. If you need more information on this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will walk you through the process.

Do you have a similar product in a synthetic version so that it would last a little longer?

Yes, we sure do, BUT it only comes in the round capes. Please see if this product would serve you better Synthetic Thatch Cape.

Mexican Palm Thatch & Capes

ALSO CALLED: Mexican Thatch Capes | Rain Cape Thatch | Mexican Rain Cape Thatch

ECO-FRIENDLY AND GREAT QUALITY – Made from a renewable resource of Palm Leaves in natural shades of tan. This hand-woven Tiki Grass Roll or Bar Runner has a shaggy tropical thatch appearance on the top and evenly spaced knots on the underside.

VERSATILE FOR COMMERCIAL AND HOME DIY PROJECTS. This inexpensive natural camo mesh is a favorite for duck hunting. It is ideal for short-term outdoor-themed roofs such as tiki bars or palapa thatch roofing. Add a tropical flair to a kid’s bedroom or add tiki grass skirting to a table. No beach hut blind wastage; trim to size by cutting between the knots at the back. Restaurants and Retail stores love this easy application of palm thatch to theme serving areas or any indoor awnings for an island ambiance.


  • Sizes in rolls, sheets & umbrella covers
    • 35” x 60’ Rolls
    • 35” x 30’ Rolls
    • 35” x 10’ Rolls
    • 30” x 60’ Rolls
    • 4’ x 4’ Sheets
    • 12ft Umbrella Covers
    • 9ft Umbrella Covers
    • 7ft Umbrella Covers
  • Will last one to two years outdoors, indefinitely indoors.
  • Optional fire retardant is available for both indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Thatch roofing sheets can be cut into any shape without unraveling.
  • Light thatch material is great for indoor use
  • Easy DIY installation.
  • Natural thatch product has color variations to create an instant tropical feel.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND ONE-STOP SHOP – For outdoor use, make sure your roof slop has at least a 30-degree pitch for water run-off. This Tiki Grass Roll is best installed on batons or a plywood sub-roof using heavy-duty staples. Zip ties work great if used to cover wire mesh or a metal frame. This raffia grass-type product is a natural material and is not waterproof. Fire Retardant is available on request.
  • HOW LONG WILL IT LAST – Indoors indefinitely. Outdoors in hot, humid climates with high rainfall, 6 months to 1 year. Drier climates up to 2- 5 years if installed correctly. Natural thatch does not do well in wet, shaded areas. For a more durable product of the same style thatch but in a synthetic version, please see our Synthetic Mexican Palm Thatch
  • FULL DISCLOSURE – This product is made from a natural organic palm leaf, so it will eventually decay, no matter what it is called. Please read our specs and FAQs on this page. If you have additional questions, fill out our form and one of our sales reps will contact you as quickly as possible.