To install, simply measure the desired area on a cabinet, wall, ceiling, or bar, cut the board accordingly, and secure it in place using contact adhesive or staples. Consider using one of amaZulu’s various trimming options, such as our polyester rope or bamboo slats, to cover any seams.


How do I cut a Wide Weave Bamboo Board?

It’s best to cut the wide weave bamboo board with a circular saw. For a refined cut, make sure that the saws’ teeth are very small.

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Wide Weave Bamboo Board

ALSO CALLED: Decorative Bamboo Board | Bamboo Wall Covering | Bamboo Wall Panels

Wide Weave Bamboo Board is made from the exterior layer of bamboo poles and cut into approximately two-inch strips.  If you are looking for bamboo wall panels, Wide Weave Bamboo Board is a great option for adding texture and color to any flat surface, including walls, cabinets and more.


  • Available in 4’ high x 8’ wide sheets that are 3 to 4mm thick.
  • Color varies between shades of tan, green and beige with hints of dark, mottled brown.
  • Optional fire retardant treatment available.


  • Thick, textured bamboo strips are woven together in a herringbone pattern.
  • The board is rigid making installation on walls or ceilings easy.
  • Cut into a variety of shapes with no fraying along the edges.

Additional Benefits:

  • A long-lasting product that saves you money over the lifetime of your installation.
  • Easy and fast installation due to the board’s rigidity

Wide Weave Bamboo Boards offer a blend of the captivating patterns found in brick pavers and the inviting, earthy feel of bamboo. Shades of greens, beiges, and tans playfully decorate the detailed surface of these boards, creating a visual delight. Crafted from robust 2-inch strips of bamboo pole outer layers intricately woven into a herringbone design, these boards can easily revamp any flat surface.