No special tools or skills are needed to install the Tahiti thatch panels. The panels can be zip-tied to 8mm steel rods of an amaZulu umbrella frame. You may also nail or staple the panels to wooden battens. The thatch panels should be installed in layered courses every 12” on center.

amaZulu suggests installing Tahiti thatch panels on a pitch of 30 degrees. The steeper the pitch the longer the thatch will last as water will more easily flow off of the structure. A ridge cap of split bamboo or copper flashing can be used at the peak of a thatched structure. A Tahiti top cone can be used on the peak of an umbrella.

Can the Tahiti thatch panels be fire retardant?

Yes. To receive a Fire Retardant Certificate from your fire marshall, amaZulu must apply the fire retardant either before or after the thatching is installed. You may purchase the Fire Retardant from amaZulu, but we will be unable to issue a certificate.

Tahiti Thatch

ALSO CALLED: Tahitian Palm Thatch | Tahitian Thatch | Tiki Thatch

Tahiti Thatch is a sturdy yet shaggy natural palm thatch. It provides a rustic and chunky feel and is 98% waterproof. Because of its thickness, this type of tiki thatch is great for umbrella canopies, concession stands and even animal exhibits, typically lasting between four to six years.


  • Available in 23” to 24” long by 37” wide panels that are 2” thick.
  • Each Tahiti thatch panel provides 3 square feet of coverage when installed 12” on center.
  • Tahiti thatch is sold in single panels.
  • This natural palm thatch will last four to six years and even longer in dry climates.
  • Optional fire retardant treatment available with a Class A ASTM E-84 rating.
  • Top cones are available to finish a circular structure.


  • Created from hardy desert palm leaves bound together with a nylon rope.
  • The thickness of Tahiti thatch makes it 98% waterproof when installed 12” on center.
  • Flexible palm thatch design makes it easy to install on straight or undulated roof lines and round umbrellas.

Tahiti thatch is extremely popular for those who want a natural thatched roof for their outdoor tropical paradise.   Our natural thatched roof products are able to withstand heat and humidity but will last much longer in dry conditions.  If you are unsure whether you want to use natural palm thatch or synthetic thatch, look at our video below.  If you still have questions, please fill out the form and one of our sales reps will contact you as quickly as possible.