Should I be concerned about wind blowing over my natural thatch umbrella?

The panels on the natural thatch umbrellas lever on the rebar umbrella frame, allowing for wind to escape through the panels. You never have to take the umbrella down.

How long will the natural thatch umbrella last as opposed to the synthetic thatch umbrella?

Natural thatch umbrellas last approximately five to seven years, depending on the climate. The dryer the climate, the longer the natural thatch umbrella will last.

Natural Thatch Umbrella

Providing a durable and long-lasting alternative to canvas umbrellas, natural thatch umbrellas offer a unique exotic look to commercial properties, with the ability to effectively withstand wind, rain and sun. Available umbrella panel options in natural materials are Reed Thatch and Tahiti Thatch.


  • Made up of a galvanized metal frame that breaks down into pie sections.
  • Umbrellas are available in diameters of 7.5′, 9′ and 11′
  • Supported with either eucalyptus poles or steel poles with a faux bamboo sleeve.
  • Both Tahiti Palm Thatch and Natural Reed Thatch panels will last approximately five to seven years and can be purchased separately and replaced as needed.
  • 99% waterproof. No maintenance or cleaning is necessary.


  • Available in two styles:
    • Tahiti Palm Thatch
    • Natural Reed Thatch.
  • Thatch produces shade that is approximately 10 degrees cooler than canvas alternatives.
  • Supplied with either a wooden or steel pole and faux bamboo sleeve for standard patio tables.
  • Clipped panels protect heavy winds—panels lift up as the wind blows through.
  • Delivered in a kit format, making for an easy installation.