We recommend installing Rustic Eucalyptus Fencing panels to a secure fence post with a galvanized screw in front or behind the post. The secure fence posts should be 4’ to 8’ apart and the panels should sit 6” off the ground. Refer to the diagram below for more information.

Rustic Eucalyptus Fencing Diagram:

4' x 8' Rustic Eucalyptus Fence 6-08 (Small)

Can the Rustic Eucalyptus Fencing curve around corners?

Yes. Two galvanized rods that go through each piece of bamboo make the panels flexible, allowing them to be molded to gentle curves.

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Rustic Eucalyptus Fencing

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amaZulu’s Rustic Eucalyptus Fencing is made from random-height eucalyptus poles that are arsenic-free treated and spaced just under four inches apart. They offer an even more exotic look than rustic bamboo, as the eucalyptus poles feature darker shades of brown, tan and green.


  • Created from 1” to 2” eucalyptus poles.
  • 3/8” galvanized rod that is 8’ in length is covered by a 1/2” polyester rope.
  • Spacing between pickets is designed around the 4” sphere code.
  • Available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ heights lengths that are all 8’ widths.
  • Custom sizes are made to order upon request.
  • Can be used for residential or commercial applications as 4” spacing and galvanized rods meet standard code requirements.


  • Created from arsenic-free, pressure-treated eucalyptus poles.
  • Flexible panels can be molded to follow curved paths or tight corners.
  • The decorative rope that covers the metal rod is synthetic, adding longevity to the panel.

Additional Benefits of Rustic Eucalyptus Fencing:

  • You get a rugged and strong fence that is also environmentally friendly.
  • The versatile product can be used in any part of your project, simplifying your planning.
  • Our arsenic-free treatment avoids corrosion of hardware and reduces cost of ownership.
  • Since they are straight the poles provide a cleaner look than other natural poles.