To install any solid bamboo poles, pre-drill a hole before screwing through the bamboo. Try to screw through the node — the thickest part of the bamboo — if you are able.

Can I stain the polyurethane-treated Bamboo Poles?

No, you would need to use the natural solid bamboo poles and sand them lightly to stain them.

Is bamboo susceptible to insects?

Our Solid Bamboo Poles are treated in various ways to prevent damage from insects.

Is the bamboo diameter the same width throughout the length of the pole?

Because bamboo is a natural product, the diameter can vary up to one inch per 10 linear feet.

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Solid Bamboo Poles

ALSO CALLED: Solid Bamboo Sticks | Large Bamboo Poles| Timber Bamboo Poles

Solid bamboo poles provide a sophisticated yet tropical look to any indoor or outdoor environment. Enjoy added durability with its highly dense walls. This density prevents the bamboo from splitting during construction and protects it from your climate’s temperatures.


  • Available in two variations—natural and half round/split
  • Each bamboo pole has a wall thickness between 60 and 99 percent of its diameter.
  • Large poles are available in 8’ and 10′ lengths and average 1.5” in diameter.
  • All bamboo poles are pressure-treated and soaked in chemicals to help prevent insect infestation, such as Powder Post Beetle.


  • Extremely dense walls allow for minimal, if any, splitting.
  • Solid bamboo can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Color varies between shades of tan and honey.
  • Solid bamboo is slightly flexible.
  • Note that all dimensions are approximate.

Additional Benefits:

  • The solid bamboo poles are versatile, sturdy and long-lasting.
  • They create an authentic atmosphere for your installations.
  • Natural coloring also adds to that authenticity.

Solid bamboo poles are favored because of their thick walls. It’s ideal for many construction projects.  Bamboo is sustainable and grows faster than trees.  A few applications include building bar fronts, bamboo fencing, and ceiling treatments.  Consider solid bamboo if you are looking for smaller-diameter bamboo canes with thick walls that make installation easy.

Spec Sheet Download – [06 62 00] Solid Bamboo – Natural, Sanded and Split

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