Our cabana mat can be applied to any flat surface with contact cement or another adhesive. Staples may also be used.

What is the best way to disguise a seam where two cabana mats meet?

We suggest using one of our bamboo products, such as our bamboo molding, or our polyester rope to cover the seams.

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Cabana Mat

ALSO CALLED: Palm Leaf Mats | Woven Palm Mats | Cabana Matting

A cabana mat is a light and flexible decorative mat option that gives any surface a bright, tropical look. The mats’ woven palm leaves add texture and soft shades of beige to enhance the look of any space. Flexible mats are ideal for curved surfaces such as walls or furniture. They are available in 8-ft sheets or 50-ft rolls and are easy to cut to size for any application.


  • Made from woven palm leaves.
  • Available in 4’ by 8’ sheet or 4’ by 50’ roll.
  • Optional fire retardant available.

Download Spec Sheet – Cabana Mat


  • Light, flexible design allows for use on curved surfaces.
  • Can be cut into various shape

Crafting a beautiful cabana mat from natural palm leaves adds visual appeal. Cabana mats, woven from palm leaves, introduce vibrant beiges and an airy ambiance.