The flexible nature of the bamboo tambour paneling makes it easy to install on curved surfaces. Simply, use contact cement to attach the natural tambour paneling to any surface.

Is the natural tambour paneling fire retardant?

There are two ways to treat paneling.

  • Treat the paneling with a fire retardant after installation or
  • Treat the paneling before shipping the order.

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Tambour Paneling

ALSO CALLED: Tambour Wood Panels | Tambour Wall Paneling | Bamboo Paneling

Tambour paneling features slender bamboo strips attached to a fabric backing, creating a stunning and naturally beautiful appearance. It’s an excellent choice for embellishing many flat or curved surfaces, including building supports, walls and ceilings. Tambour wall paneling is a natural bamboo decorative mat with eight color options.  Tambour Natural, Tambour Natural With Burnt Nodes, Tambour Mocha, Tambour Mottled, Honey, Caramel, Grey and Dark Brown.


  • Sold in 4’ by 8’ rolls, reducing shipping costs.
  • Bamboo strips are 1/2” wide and 48” high.
  • There are eight color options to choose from (see features tab)
  • Optional fire retardant is available, or it can be treated after installation.

Download Spec Sheet – Tambour Paneling


  • Color options include
    • Natural tan,
    • Natural tan with dark burnt nodes
    • Mottled in tortoiseshell browns and tans
    • Mocha, which is a creamy coffee brown.
  • Additionally, four NEW colors come in two sanded colors and two mottled colors
    • Honey and Caramel, which are sanded, so there are no pronounced nodes. Both these colors can be easily stained or left as is.
    • There is also a mottled Light Gray color and a Dark Brown, which have also been sanded but have come as a finished color.
  • All green hues will change to tan over time.
  • Created from the strongest part of the bamboo, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

Bamboo paneling is a favored building material in resorts, restaurants, and theme parks for its attractive mix of beauty, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Like bamboo, tambour paneling is a renewable and sustainable resource. Enhance safety by treating tambour panels with a fire retardant. Reach out to us for more information on our tambour panels.