Amber bamboo boards can be installed with a pneumatic stapler or with a contact adhesive. Consider using one of amaZulu’s various trimming options, such as our polyester rope or bamboo slats, to cover any seams.

Can the boards be used outside?

Amber Bamboo Boards from amaZulu are suggested for indoor applications only.

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Amber Bamboo Board

ALSO CALLED: Decorative Bamboo Board | Bamboo Wall Covering | Bamboo Wall Panels

Amber Bamboo Board is decorative bamboo formed from the bamboo pole’s malleable interior. These bamboo boards are cut into half-inch strips and then smoked, transforming the original tone into a rich amber color. These strips are pressed into a diamond formation to produce beautifully crafted plywood sheets that can be used as bamboo wall panels.


  • Available in a 4’ x 8’ sheet that is 2 mm thick.
  • Optional fire retardant treatment available.
  • Little color variation.


Amber Bamboo Board Features:
  • Pliable enough to cut into any shape.
  • Can be rolled to reduce shipping cost.


  • A long-lasting decorative bamboo board that saves you money over the lifetime of your installation.
  • Easy and fast installation due to the bamboo board’s pliability and ability to be cleanly cut.
  • Lower shipping costs.