Ceiling Treatments

Top 3 Favorite Tropical Materials for Ceiling Treatments

February 17, 2020

Do you ever visit a place of business and look at the ceiling?  Probably not. Ceilings, with a few notable exceptions, tend to be fairly plain. At amaZulu Inc., we see that as a missed opportunity. After all, when your goal is to deliver a relaxed tropical vibe, incorporating the ceiling into your design scheme makes a fantastic impression. What bamboo ceiling treatments can you use to create a tropical feel in your space?

Our Favorite Ceiling Treatments

Reed Ceiling Panels aka Reed Ceiling Boards

Made by placing single reeds parallel and gluing them to a Masonite board, our reed ceiling panels offer rich texture with a naturally beautiful appeal. They’re designed to mimic the underside of a natural thatched roof and install quickly and easily. If fire safety is a concern, these reed ceiling panels can be treated with a fire retardant.

Decorative Mats as Ceiling Treatments

Ceiling Treatments

When you picture a tropical scene, natural fibers are likely to be in it. That’s why using amaZulu’s Decorative Ceiling Boards and Decorative Bamboo Boards is a sure-fire way to give your ceiling a lush, exotic feel that lures the eye upwards. When natural palm leaves or the synthetic imitations are woven into gorgeous mats, visual interest is built in. Cabana mats are made from palm leaves and bring bright beiges and an airy feel. Bac-bac mats send contrasting browns and tans dancing across the roof in intricate patterns for casual sophistication. Whether the core of natural bamboo is smoked to a rich amber or left natural, both the Amber Bamboo Board and Woven Bamboo Plywood adds design and depth with the woven herringbone weave. Wide Weave Bamboo Board is another possibility with a wonderful texture and looks great white-washed.

All of these natural mats and boards are low maintenance and available with a fire-retardant treatment. However, if you want increased resilience and longer lifespans, synthetic matting delivers both. With striking patterns and rich colors, they’re a great choice for exposed ceilings and outdoor living areas.

Ceiling Treatments made with Bamboo

Ceiling Treatment - SF solid bamboo, TreGai Bamboo

What about bamboo? This popular product is turning up everywhere these days, and ceiling coverings are no exception. amaZulu’s natural bamboo, Solid Bamboo Poles or Tre-Gai Bamboo can be attached to plywood either in a vertical or diagonal design to create a gorgeous three-dimensional ceiling.

A simple bamboo trellis can be hung from a tall ceiling using aircraft cables or rope to give a room or hall a more intimate ambiance. If it’s a themed function the trellises can be themed to add to the atmosphere

For a more contemporary feel, bamboo slats can be used in straight lines to give any ceiling a more elegant and interesting appearance.

Again, fire retardant treatments can be applied to any of these products to enhance safety and comply with regulations for commercial or public spaces.

As you can see, there are so many options for bamboo ceiling panels.

When you want to surround your visitors with a tropical feel, ceiling treatments meticulously crafted from reed, tropical leaves or bamboo are an excellent way to take the experience up a notch. At amaZulu Inc., we specialize in green building products researtch papers that are cost-effective, responsible and ready for commercial construction. Our team gathers exemplary construction theming materials from around the globe. Are you ready to explore the possibilities? Contact us today at 877-243-5309 to speak with one of our design consultants. If you can dream it, we can deliver it.