For outdoor applications, attach the rolled bamboo fence to a chain link fence using construction-grade cable ties.

For indoor applications, you can staple the rolled bamboo fencing to the surface of your structure. Pull the fencing tight against the structure before stapling.

Q: Do I need to treat the rolled bamboo fence panel if I use it as an outdoor application?

A: Initially, no, but as the elements begin to break down the protective waxy outer layer of the bamboo, a treatment can be added to preserve longevity. It’s as simple as painting on a product from Home Depot called TWP. This brings back the color luster and protects the bamboo.

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Rolled Bamboo Fence

ALSO CALLED: Bamboo Fencing | Bamboo Privacy Fence | Bamboo Fence Panels

Our durable Rolled Bamboo Fence is made of solid bamboo and a popular choice for bamboo fencing. Each panel is threaded through the center and easily installed on a symmetrical fence line via galvanized wire.  Rolled bamboo fence creates gorgeous bamboo fencing for walls, bar siding and more.


  • Available in two sizes, 4’ x 8’ or 6’ x 8’.
  • Our most robust screening or fencing product.
  • Solid bamboo poles are connected with galvanized wire increasing the life of the fencing.


  • Easy installation as this product arrives already assembled.
  • Extremely durable design is perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Environmentally sustainable product.