Spruzzo – The Ben West Palm


  • The frame was built using aluminum poles
  • Factory-extruded fire-retardant High-Density Polyethylene HDPE cord


The finished product measured 23ft wide by 6ft tall and hoisted up 8 floors to the rooftop at The Ben West Palm.

The requirements were to:

  • Create an exquisite focal point for the outside rooftop dining area
  • Utilize a material with a long lifespan that still gave a natural fee
  • Careful transportation from Indonesia to Miami
  • Hoist all materials up to the 8th floor
  • Meet Miami-Dade County’s wind and fire codes.


When an architect has a vision, they can be very resourceful in finding a product that matches their vision. However, what happens when the product doesn’t exist? This is where amaZulu thrives!

The architect provided a rendering of how they wanted the outdoor area to look. At that point, the “cover” was undefined, but they knew they wanted the canopy to look natural, almost like a woven tree canopy. The material had to be high-quality and weather-resistant, as the restaurant is all open air. This is when our minds began creating the canopy.


A beautiful and unique rooftop tree canopy with a modern flare that is installed at the Spruzzo Rooftop Bar.

“We are thrilled with the outcome of such an iconic element that will differentiate this rooftop bar from any other venue in the world. It was a great pleasure working with the AmaZulu team, we appreciate their flexibility, care, and dedication. It was refreshing to work with a manufacturer that cares about execution, craftsmanship, and delivering what was promised just as much as we do.”
Best, Christian Triana, Principal, EoA