Outdoor Kitchen

Rod and Lorraine came to amaZulu with a clever idea. They wanted to extend their home outdoors. They loved Florida’s climate and wanted to spend more time in it. They also wanted a space to entertain family and friends.



Rod and Lorrain wanted to do much in a relatively small area under their lani. Lorraine insisted the counter seat eight people, so that she could entertain her entire family. Rod wanted space for the barbecue, fridge, tv, ice maker, and sink!


Our construction team came up with a great idea that met the overall aesthetics of a tropical outdoor kitchen. They designed a roof that butted into the back wall of the house. The counter was arranged so all eight people could be seated, and Rod’s electrical equipment was accommodated for on the inside. We even made him an enclosed TV cabinet that is protected against the elements. A special island was built for the barbecue next to the thatch kitchen, with matching bamboo paneled cabinets.


Mission accomplished! The couple is delighted.

All the products catered to the outdoors and we even added fire retardant to the thatch, just in case. The bamboo bar front is durable and will withstand rain, spilled drinks, and shoe dings. The bar counter is protected with a layer of resin, and the thatch will keep the majority of rain out as well as make the outdoor kitchen a shady tropical retreat.