The Bamboo Homes of Bali

May 22, 2014

Sensational and Beautiful Bamboo Homes of Bali

Nestled in Bali, Indonesia is a community that exists to cultivate sustainability and natural building methods. Green Village consists of seven beautiful and 100% natural bamboo homes. It is also home to the Green School, a private institution for Indonesian and international students that promotes sustainable living and education. Talk about design inspiration!

This community hits close to home for amaZulu because sustainable building and living is one of our passions! We believe it’s important to leave the world a little better than you found it, and that includes our living and working spaces.  Creating bamboo homes is one way to do taht.

The Green Village combines sustainability with beauty and does a complete and innovative job of it.

The Design and Construction of  Green Village for Bamboo Homes

Elora Hardy, Creative Director of Ibuku, crafted and designed the village’s bamboo homes. Most are completely bamboo. This includes the floors, beams, furniture, and railings. The use of bamboo makes it appear like the structure is part of the environment.  It looks as if it’s growing around you.

The architects and builders did not use sheetrock or plywood. And all of the materials and products were crafted by local artisans.

Hardy says that she wants this community and these types of structures to be “cathedrals to building green.”

You may not believe that it is practical or efficient to live or work in structures like this, but you’d be wrong.

One of the bamboo homes has no walls, so it can get warm at night. But Hardy crafted a bed that includes “air conditioning”. Air is piped through bamboo posts that surround the bed, effectively cooling it when it’s hot outside.

Building with Bamboo And Sustainability

Building with bamboo is sustainable because the bamboo grows to construction-grade strength in just three years. When bamboo is harvested, the root is not harmed. So the plant can keep growing and providing the community with more construction materials.

You just don’t get the same kind of rustic beauty with other types of building materials. That’s why we love to build with bamboo!

While the homes in Green Village are luxurious and even extravagant, you don’t have to build a 100% “green” home to live more sustainably. Take easy, simple steps over time like replacing your plastic trellis with a natural eucalyptus one instead.

Or slowly incorporate natural materials like bamboo and thatch into your indoor and outdoor decor. It really is possible to live a greener life!

Benefits of Bamboo

  • The Bamboo species, Tre-Gai and Solid Bamboo, are versatile and sturdy.
  • Since amaZulu’s bamboo products are pressure treated they are also long-lasting.
  • If desired, fire retardant can be added at the time of pressure treating for extra safety.
  • It creates an authentic atmosphere for your home.
  • Natural coloring also adds to that authenticity.

Are you ready to use bamboo?

If you’re interested in using bamboo, we would love to help you turn your visions into reality!

Contact us today for more information on our Eucalyptus products or give us a call, toll-free at 877-243-5309.

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Why does it benefit the environment?

amaZulu, Inc. has hand selected manufacturers who produce eco-friendly, high quality natural architectural materials. Our selection presents a dynamic list of options when considering the environment.

At amaZulu, Inc., we extend our legacy beyond business to the community when we partner with domestic and international organizations that create economic opportunities to reduce poverty. We help improve the lives of the people who grow and produce our products.